About Us

Tantratshirts.com is the online sales channel for Tantra, 

The team at Tantra :

a.k.a. RR.
Dept: Concepts & Esoterics
Sits in 24X7 state of meditative stupor. No one quite knows what he does or when he arrives or leaves.Often mistaken by the cleaning staff as an out of commission mannequin.


a.k.a. V.M.
Dept: Gonzo Movement
Is here, there, every where. Deadlines are a breeze. Handles 3 phones but answers none.




Dept: The Sheriff's office
Cracking the whip.
Barking the bark.
Talking no prisoners.
Shooting from the hip.


Dept: The Tea Room
Has raised the humdrum job of tea making into an 'art' form. Is singularly responsible for keeping the entire gang at Tantra wide awake at day, and during the whole bloody night!!




Dept: Patents & Copyright 
Quick on the draw.
A mean fighting machine.
Loves a scrap.
Don't get into his trap.


Dept: Letters & Correspondence
Arrives 10 am sharp.
Departs 6 pm sharp.
End of the Story.




a.k.a. The Seeker
Dept: Creative
Seeking out ideas like a farmer seeks out the rain. It's a long and hopeless wait. And 'Chiller' ends the dry run with a stiff one


a.k.a. SUHAS
A spitting image of the bicepy bollywood star, min