Q & A

What? How? Why? When?

What is Tantra ?
Tantra is ‘India-on-a-t-shirt’. The brand captures exclusively the essence of our 5000 year old culture. It’s past, present and future. In a sense it represents the life ‘n’ times of this subcontinent, or, the ‘brown’ race. The content and theme under the Tantra label thus revolve around ideas and things that are native to this land.
But wait a minute. Tantra (the company) also produces two other fine t-shirt labels. And these are : ‘Barking Dog’ and ‘Line Maro’.

What is ‘Barking Dog’ ?
Simply put, Barking Dog t-shirts are good (make that great) ideas on a t-shirts. They’re non-Indiacentric ; eg. a ‘Beer’ related t-shirt is a ‘Barking Dog’ tee.

What is ‘Line Maro’ ?
‘Line Maro’ t-shirt are great one-liners on a tee. We’ll keep it as short as that.

What is ‘Black Market’?
Black Market tees, as the name suggests, is only available in black color. Some might say its the sexiest color. Others might say, black ain’t no color!

What  is ‘Tees My Mom Hates’?
Tees My Mom Hates (TMH), is a range of tees that may not actually contribute to the  betterment of Parent-child relationships. But again, who cares?

What is ‘Tantra Sports’?
It’s a unique range of tee (for guys, girts & kids).using direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, on soft cotton feel polyester fabric. Hence, we can do designs that are conventionally not possible via normal screen printing.

What is ‘Tantra Women’?
A beautiful range of tees for women, by women.

What  is ‘Tantra Kids’?
Exploring the world of tiny tots, via creative thought and provoking ideas!

What is ‘Tantra Babies’?
Why should new-borns miss out on all the fun? Tiny tots can now wear a bit of attitude.

It’s our way of starting them young! This range uses baby soft interlock and super combed yam, with delightful  messages.

What makes a Tantra t-shirt a Tantra t-shirt ?
Life for a Tantra (or, ‘Barking Dog’ or ‘Line Maro’) t-shirt begins at the very beginning.

By this we mean the quality of the cotton we select. We specify the type of yarn going into our final t-shirt (in this case, only the finest quality ‘super combed’ cotton will do), insist on the proper weight or thickness of the fabric, closely monitor the knitting and dyeing (a process known as ‘softflow’, for the technically inclined), and ensure that the printing is done via machine (a rotary butterfly press), under close observation by fussy printing masters who have a extremely low tolerance for mistakes. The printed garment bits are then stitched, checked and packed in their individual style, before being shipped out to individual stores, malls or retailers.

100% cotton : I’m lovin’ it !
All Tantra merchandise is made exclusively in 100% cotton (except the neck rib, which has a hint of elastane, allowing the wearer to stretch it over the head)

Will my t-shirt shrink ?
All cotton t-shirts shrink (some upto 5%). However, shrinkage is ‘controlled’ at the Tantra’s manufacturing stage itself (for your information, shrinkage parameters used at Tantra are stricter than European or American standards !). Accordingly, we check every batch of fabric to world standard, independent quality-control units, before bulk production.

Will the colour of my t-shirt run (or bleed) ?
We check each batch of raw fabric at Quality Control labs for colour fastness. This is strictly controlled. However, we shall not be responsible if the garment is washed in harsh detergent, whitener, stain remover or sulphuric acid.

How should I wash my Tantra t-shirt ?
Ideally, wash separately in a bucket, in cold water. You can also put it in a washing machine, at low temperature. Please use only gentle and refined detergents only. After washing, do not wring forcefully. Beware of ‘Dhobi’.

How do I iron my Tantra tee ?
The best way to iron it is inside-out. Never iron directly on the print.

Can I exchange my Tantra / Barking Dog / Line Maro t-shirt ?
Yes you can, but not after you wash it, wear it, soil it, or rip out the tag / packaging. Remember, the company will only accept a genuine manufacturing defect as a reason for return. And the garment needs to be returned to our Head Office via your retail channel / outlet (only). Please keep 3-6 weeks for the reply. Manufacturing defects are extremely rare, but they do happen.

Does Tantra have any ‘offline’ retail stores ?
Tantra is essentially an offline brand, and we’ve only added our online retail division recently. Why so late ? Well, we’ve been busy on the traditional line on selling……very busy !

Besides, being available in the leading malls and stores of India (write to us if you need more information on this), you can also have a full-frontal, 360º Tantra experience at our Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs) and Flagship Stores.

I have space. Can I set up a Tantra store ?
Yes you can. No you can’t. Depending on what kind of space you have, it’s location, your experience (if any) and long-term motivation (if any), your ability to invest, blah… blah… blah. Better to get in touch, and see if you fit the bill.

I have an idea ? Can I submit it ?
Anybody can submit an idea. But be warned. We are very, very choosy. Rejections don’t mean you’re bad. It just means we have our own set of rules. And yes, you do get paid. But that’s much, much , later.

Who creates all the stuff for Tantra ? 
Tantra consists of the ‘Tantra Design Team’, a gang of guys and girls, well actually professionals of art, copy and cartooning. These guys have put years of blood, sweat and toil in the business. They’re mavericks, poets, revolutionaries and even ordinary guys – like you and me. Most of them don’t sit in the office, but contribute from near and afar.

Do you do corporate orders ? 
Yes we do, no rush jobs. We’re kinda particular about quality. We do have minimums. So plan well in advance. (also, we do not charge any creative fee if your orders meet our minimums).

Do you export your tees ?
Yes, we do export single t-shirts (infact, you can do it on this website itself !), and also in bulk.
Infact, Tantra t-shirts are retailed in France, UK, US, UAE, S. Africa, Nepal, New Zealand and Fiji, to name a few.

Are you hiring ? 
The t-shirt business (just like any business) has many departments. Hence, you could be looking for an opening as a Merchandiser (degree required), or a Designer (quality & cool required), or, a Sales Assistant (freshers welcome), or a Summer Trainee (in which case, we’ll figure out if you fit the bill).

How do I figure out my correct size / fit ?
It’s really very, very simple. Whether you’re buying a tee for guys, girls or kids, just follow this instruction :
Pick-up your old t-shirt, your favourite one that you have at home. Now measure the ‘Length’ and ‘Width’ (in inches) as shown here, and match it to the nearest size on our chart. You’ve got your correct size !

Click here to view the SIZE CHART

What are Tantra Tees specifications ?
Mens / Adults

Mens / Adults Basic crew neck T-shirts, 25s supercombed yarn, single jersey, peroxide white bleaching, steam calendering, 4.25% lycra rib on neck, plastisol chest printing, Min 180 to 190 GSM, 100% cotton, azo-free soft flow procaine dyeing, balloon padding, compacting, overall flat lock stitching. Plastisol / Pigment chest printing.


Basic round neck (with piping), 25s supercombed yarn, Single Jersey, Peroxide white bleaching, Steam Calendering, Overall flat lock stitching, Min 180 GSM, 100% cotton, azo-free soft flow procaine dyeing, Balloon Padding, Compacting, Plastisol chest printing.


Basic crew neck T-shirts, 30s supercombed yarn, Single Jersey, Peroxide white bleaching, Steam Calendering, 4.25% Lycra Rib on Neck, Plastisol chest printing, Min 160 GSM, 100% cotton, soft flow procaine dyeing, Balloon Padding, Compacting, Overall flat lock stitching.